Say “That’s good!” (especially when it isn’t …)

Many years ago a businessman named W. Clement Stone developed the habit of responding to everything that happened with

“That’s good!”

EVERYTHING that happened, whether it seemed to be a good thing, or a total disaster.

People who brought him news of apparent calamities would leave his office shaking their heads in disbelief.

Mr Stone attributed that one behavior to how he became one of the wealthiest men in the world.

By responding that way, he was forcing his mind to look past the calamity to the “seeds of equal or greater benefits,” as the great writer Napoleon Hill called them.

A few days ago, when I was informed that Verapol is no longer available to be sold, and that the entire production will be sold under exclusive contract to a huge MLM company I had another opportunity to apply the “That’s good!” lesson.

It didn’t come easy.

I hesitated …

But I did it!

And, as it turns out, that really IS good!

It forced me to take a closer look at some processing, blending and packaging advancements on the next generation Aloe vera inner leaf gel that is produced by the scientist that was developing a better process for Carrington Laboratories before they went bankrupt.

He must have said “That’s good.”

Then he went off on his own and made a product that is 4-times better than the original.

Better than the one I am no longer be able to sell.

There were some packaging problems. They are now resolved.
(If you want the details of the solutions, write me. I won’t bore everyone on the list.)

Also, we learned that another phenomenal endocrine system product is available again in it’s original formulation.

Can’t say what it used to be called. Big, nasty MLM company has big, nasty legal staff.

CAN say that it is the original Dr. Jamieson formula of it, if you know what that means …

You’ll want to try it! It works best in conjunction with the next generation Aloe supplement you’ll be hearing about.

I’ll be telling more of the story in a direct e-mail to the subscribers.

That one won’t be published through the blog post mailing system, like this one is.

It will be a private communication to you and my other friends.

We are ordering inventory today …

It should be soon.

That’s GREAT!

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