WE MADE IT! Many others did not.

During the Thanksgiving to New Year holiday season I didn’t send out many Simple Natural Health Tips.

People gonna do what people gonna do.
No need for me to add the additional stress of remembering how health-harmful some holiday behavior is …

But we made it through. Still alive and reading e-mails.


Not everyone did though. We lost a lot of good people in December.

I’ll bet you lost a friend or two. Maybe a musician or actor hero you cared about.

In most cases the difference was in how well you ate, drank, thought and behaved during the prior 11 months.

  • The alkaline reserves you built up to carry you through excessively acidic spurts.
  • The amount of clean, pure water you drank to hydrate and flush your cells.
  • The gratitude and joy you felt and expressed which reminded your subconscious mind that life has value.
  • That garnish of parsley that you decided to eat rather than leave on your plate.

So, fun was fun!

Now it is time to begin preparing for the next one.

I recommend that you quickly browse back through the “How to Restore Your Youngness” book, stopping in those areas you know could be improved in your life …

… to save your life …

So that you’ll still be around to be congratulated in 2018.

Your perfect health is your most important resolve.


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