Use the Force, Luke!

The Force is real.

Although you may never be called upon to drop bombs into small ventilation shafts, “the Force” is ready and available for you to use to better your health any time, all the time.

… sometimes when you least expect it.

An example:

Regan (Dr. Golob) and I were walking briskly down the back aisle of a grocery store, heading to the fresh produce section, when an invisible force gave me an unexpected shove to the right side of my body, causing me to stumble and quickly correct my balance.

As I stopped to evaluate the incident, I voiced “What the (heck) was that?!”

Regan replied “It’s the bananas.”

As I turned to look, I noticed the tall rack of bananas situated in the middle of the wide aisle that I was walking past when I felt the shove.

I asked “What do you mean ‘the bananas?” I didn’t touch them.”

Regan replied “Those are highly toxic. They were heavily sprayed with insecticides.”
(Explanation: Regan’s senses have developed to the point where he “sees” these conditions.)

Then I began to understand.

Our bodies have a natural, inherent wisdom and sensitivity about that which supports it, and that which harms it.

It is a microcosm of the ‘fight or flight’ response to keep us away from danger.

Our bodies endeavor to avoid anything that will cause them harm.

It also endeavors to assimilate anything that it needs to become healthier and stronger.

This is why/how muscle testing works.

The energy field that radiates from everything — especially living things — interacts with the energy field of our body.

“The Force” indeed, forces.

This initiates a response of attraction, repulsion or neutral.

Anni and I always use ‘the force’ to help us choose healthy foods. Who knows what has happened to them before they were placed in the display cooler, or if “organic” is just a farmer’s lie.

The banana incident was the first time I recognized what a powerful influence opposing forces could have on me.

“Use the Force, Luke,” (and Nancy and John and Pete and Susan and …) Your body will love you for it.

If you would like to learn how to use the force for good, watch Regan’s short testing video.

(BTW, I caught him off guard and unprepared to record a video about muscle testing, so some overlay editing was in order to compensate.)

(BTW #2, the Aloe vera product he grabbed off the shelf that tested so good is BiAloe®, which is the product that we are bringing back to replace the Verapol that has become unavailable for us to sell. If you would like to stay informed about that, plug yourself in here:

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