The Down-low on Aloe

Now and then I meet someone who is still confused by the FDA’s National Toxicology Program study wherein they decreed that Aloe vera extract caused carcinogenic effects in the intestines of rats.

The questionably-motivated study that they heard about which misled them to fear ALL Aloe products is both completely factual and also “Fake news! Really bad!”

The study was done by feeding a concentrated extract of whole leaf Aloe vera to the poor rats.

Well, whole leaf Aloe vera contains aloin from the rind — a known carcinogen, addictive laxative, and substance that tastes so revoltingly bad that it would have to be heavily masked in food for a human to get it down.

What they fed to the rats contained 10,000 to 13,000 ppm unfiltered aloin.

(To give you a comparison, BiAloe(R)–my personal favorite Acemannan-rich Aloe vera extract–is aloin-free.)

According to Peter Hafermann, president of Improve USA, a division of Pharmachem Laboratories Inc.

“No one would consume any product that contains the amount of bitter aloin used in this study”  

He said someone taking the extract used in NTP’s study would quickly fall ill, contract diarrhea and cease taking the product.

So, why do you suppose a study would be conducted under such extreme conditions, then publish their results as though they were meaningful?

Possibly — just possibly — it is because the remarkable health benefits of consuming aloin-free acemannan in the form of powdered Aloe extract was beginning to take a bite out of toxic and ineffective pharmaceutical sales. After all, the FDA is on record for having stated that their purpose is to support the pharmaceutical industry rather than to protect private citizens.

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In summary, be certain that any Aloe product you take is aloin-free–or, at least very low in aloin–then consume it worry-free. Real, legitimate studies with BiAloe(R) give every indication to improve immunity, sugar assimilation, brain health, wound and burn healing. cognitive functions AND STOMACH HEALTH without any complications or adverse effects.

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