“… sparkle my cells and refill our alkaline reserves!”

Terri F. replied to the previous ‘ Tips’ broadcast with:

“… To start it off I was hoping you would put forth something simple you think is appropriate too sparkle my cells and refill our alkaline reserves!”

First, thank you very much for writing, Terri. I love hearing back from readers, and of learning what subjects you are interested in.

Second, this is an easy one for me, because our resident Master health adviser, Dr. Regan Golob, has already done this for us.

Regan has provided us with eleven healing recipes which have been posted on his web site HERE.

Of course, they are all highly alkalinizing. I recommend the one to begin with is Beiler’s Broth. It is a delightful vegetable soup that can be enjoyed many different ways. These include:

  • Blended into a pea soup consistency.
  • Straight out of the steamer, with the broth added back over the vegetables.
  • A portion blended with all the broth, then poured over the un-blended portion as a sauce.
  • Used as a base into which other alkalinizing vegetables are added.
  • Blended and used as a gravy over potatoes, millet, rice, etc.

The recipe is simple, easy and inexpensive. I’d reproduce it for you here, but it is important that you find your way to Dr. Golob’s treasury of natural health advice for current and future reference.

Please find your way to

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