Round up your RoundUp and call HAZMAT

Hopefully you have been following the news reports about the collusion between Federal employees of the FDA and Monsanto to hide the fact that Roundup causes cancer, especially non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Reminds me of the bumper sticker Anni picked up on a Reservation with an image of an American Indian Chief captioned “Sure, you can trust the government.”

First, don heavy rubber gloves and go put that bottle of Roundup and anything you have used to spray it in double-plastic bags, tie it carefully and deliver it to your nearest Hazardous Materials Waste Disposal site,

THEN contact your senators and representatives and demand that they file murder charges against those FDA employees and every person in Monsanto Management, current and retired.

Really, people — THIS HAS TO STOP! Our lives and the lives of our descendants depends on it.

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