How much “bonus time” will you add to YOUR life?

While responding to a new customer this morning I was reminded that I was “going to die” back in 1995.

That was 21-1/2 years ago. I was 52.

The name “non-Hodgkins lymphoma” was being thrown around …

But, there are a few real doctors for whom names of diseases are meaningless.

They don’t “fight diseases.”

Rather, they support health.

One of those doctors is my friend Regan Golob.

I am eternally gratefully to God for the blessing of knowing him.

I am not alone with this feeling. I know of thousands of others who feel the same.

Rather than focusing his studies on what is wrong with the body,
he studies what is right with the body.

He also studies what the body needs to complete it’s perfect form and function.

And, how to “listen” to the body’s cries for help.

My body told him I needed certain vitamin and mineral supplementation,
and a phyto-chemical supplement from Aloe called “Manapol.”

That phyto-chemical supplement is now called “Verapol Premium.”

Coincidentally, that is the exact product that I shipped to the new customer this morning.

I hope that she combines it with all the other life-extending wisdom that Dr. Golob gives us,
and that her life is extended by more than 50%, as mine has been.

Most of what is offered through these Simple Natural Health Tips has come from Dr. Golob.

If you want to learn more, his site is

Be Healthy — perfectly healthy!

You share the blessing of Dr. Golob’s wisdom.

Wear it well.

Live long and Joyously!

And, pass it on …

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