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Bruce Wesley Chenoweth

Hi. I am Bruce Wesley Chenoweth, an entrepreneur in many diverse fields.

In 1994 Anni and I suddenly uprooted ourselves from a comfortable life in what is now Sammamish, Washington and moved to New Plymouth, Idaho. This was to provide full-time live-in care for my elderly, incapacitated mother.

In so doing, we left several reliable business opportunities in the Puget Sound area. Our life savings were being rapidly depleted to get us started again in an area where we had never had a business presence. Where our attendance was essentially required 24 hours each day to care for Mom.

Obviously our prosperity suffered. Our income went from more than adequate to nothing at all as we began integrating our business opportunities into Idaho’s Treasure Valley area.

What’s this? A distraction.

A few months after resettling to Idaho, I received an introductory offer from Learning Strategies Corp. It offered to let me try one of their “Paraliminal programs” for half price with a guarantee that if I didn’t love it, they would refund the purchase price and shipping both ways.

Not having much else to amuse me during the off-time, I decided to “waste some time” trying out their program with the silly name before inevitably returning it to them.

I admit that I was somewhat fascinated by their “paraliminal” concept–split-brain programs while remaining fully audible. Long before I had learned to not trust subliminal programs. Besides, I had no evidence that subliminal had any real effect other than removing dollars from my wallet.

Most significantly, having received training to become a clinical hypnotherapist, I was very mistrustful of hypnotic-type programs. I had witnessed far too many harmful suggestions by highly experiences hypnotists. Before I subjected myself to this new one, I listened very carefully, first to the complete left track, then to the complete right track.

I was surprised that I was unable to find any ‘fatal flaw” in the entire program. In fact, I found no flaws at all. I mused about how all of our lives could have been phenomenally enhanced by having grown up hearing all of those suggestions from our parents, teachers, relatives and friends.

I confidently and comfortably settled back in my chair, put on stereo headphones and began a most delightful, relaxed journey into my own consciousness …

Okay, so cool–no black suggestions–delightful experience. But, would it have any impact on my life?

Could this be real?

The program that I had chosen is called “Prosperity,” obviously chosen to see if it would influence our sudden lack of income and bleak outlook. It still seems ridiculous that I had any expectation that listening to a recorded message could change that in any way — but something certainly did!

Within two day it was obvious that something was very, very different!

Although I had done absolutely nothing else to market more effectively, our phone began to ring almost to the point of annoyance.

  • “You don’t know me, but a friend said you might have a birthday clown for hire …”
  • “Does that sign on your trailer mean you do D.J. services? …”
  • “An attorney in Seattle told me you might do defective construction documentation …”
  • “I’m sorry–I got the wrong number, but what does ABCompany do? Oh? Really? We have been looking for …”

Over and over and over again, to the point that any doubt of it sourcing from some sort of magical spell quickly dissipated.

??  What’s going on?

All I had done differently was listen to “Prosperity” while relaxing completely.

I called the company and ordered ALL their programs, knowing I could return them all if I didn’t love them.

Not only did I not return any, I began to sell them to my friends. Then to customers. Then through a website. NO-ONE RETURNED ANY!

Now, here they are for you.

Buy them directly from the company through the links in the right column

Try one! It will likely BLOW YOUR MIND!

If it doesn’t, they’ll give you your money back.

But, it will blow your mind.

Betcha keepum.

If you’d like to discuss them with me, just call or text. 1-541-701-9421

Or, use the Contact Us form from the menu bar.

But the ONLY WAY to really know is to buy it. Try it. Love it.

Individual Paraliminal Programs
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Automatic Pilot
Break the Habit
Conscious Time
Creating Sparks
Deep Relaxation
Dream Play
Financial Security
Focus & Concentration
Fresh Start
Get Around To It
Happy for No Reason
Holiday Cheer
Ideal Weight
Instantaneous Personal Magnetism
Intuition Amplifier
Letting Go
Living the Law of Attraction
Memory Supercharger
New Action Generator
New Behavior Generator
New History Generator
New Option Generator
Overcoming Overwhelm
Peak Performance
Perfect Health
Personal Genius
Positive Relationships
Power Thinking
Recover & Reenergize
Sales Leap
Seeing the Unseen
Self-Esteem Supercharger
Sleep Deeply/Wake Refreshed
Success Built To Last
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10-Minute Supercharger
You Deserve It!
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The complete ultimate you library ...

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