GUILTY — as charged!

I promised to send a Simple Natural Health Tip “a couple times a week.”

I have broken that promise during January and February.

No excuses — guilty as charged — BUT THIS SHOULD MAKE UP FOR IT!

A couple days ago I interviewed Dr. Regan Golob. Got almost 55 minutes of pure gold.

Many, if not most, subscribers know and have experienced Dr. Golob (‘Regan,’ to those of us who do and have.)

One of the most common responses to having been treated or taught by Regan is How does he do that?

Well, my friends, the answer was revealed during the interview.

Regan and I have been friends for about 34 years now. In all that time I never learned the secret of how his amazing ability to sense health inadequacies, then provide an answer for turning that around, came to be.

In this interview, he reveals the exact moment it happened.

I’d never have guessed, but


When you have listened to the interview, you’ll more than likely understand also …

… a few people may miss it. If you do, listen again.  Knowing the truth can give you the faith you need to create PERFECT health in your own life.

Speaking of faith, Regan said something during the interview that really hit home with me:

“Faith displaces fear. If you have ANY fear, you have NO faith.”

Wow! Powerful! “If you have any fear, you have no faith.”

From now on, if I ever experience any fear, I know where to go for the answer to overcoming it.

So, this is where I’d normally put the link to the video, but I will listen again with an editor’s cap on before I upload it to YouTube, just to be certain it doesn’t contain anything that could be misinterpreted.

I’d promise to release that within the week, but you have already learned how unreliable my promises are.


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