Different kind of health tip: Hack Attack Firestorm

You are probably aware that Trump and friends have pissed off most of the world in the past couple of weeks.

One of the global paybacks for this is coming in an attempt to cripple Internet services in the U.S.

The word on the web is that hack attacks from virtually every country (even our own) have risen to levels not even thought possible before.

WordPress blogs are being hit the hardest, because most people who have them don’t have a clue about the risks of predictable user names and passwords, nor about implementing the additional security utilities that help stop the hackers.


  1. Be aware of anything that seems out of the ordinary online, such as a Friends request from someone you thought was already friended. or any e-mail that has an attachment or link to be clicked. If it seems off in any way, DON’T CLICK!!!
  2. If you have a web site–especially a blog site–contact your hosting service to be certain they have installed the new IP blocking utility to only allow access from your registered IP series.

(NOTE: If you are using my hosting service, no worries. That new utility goes into service today.)

You might not think having your WordPress site hacked would be a big deal …


Each site that gets hacked becomes a hub for hacking hundreds more.

It is like a terrible disease that spreads quickly and kills the host.

Let’s not allow them to kill our Internet.

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