The “Flies Don’t Cause Garbage” Approach To Health

The “Flies Don’t Cause Garbage” Approach To Health

One of the episodes of the TV series “Undercover Boss” was about an exterminator company that was called out to a trailer house that was so absolutely disgusting I found it difficult to watch, or, even believe. The entire “home” was piled high with dirty dishes, leftover food, dog and cat crap, dirty clothing and whatever else had just been dropped and left to decay in the filth.

Predictably, when anything was moved, or cabinet doors were opened, seeming zillions of cockroaches would scurry for safety, giving the appearance that the interior walls themselves had gone into motion. Clouds of flies would form, and rats and mice would peer up to see what was intruding on their paradise.

Meanwhile, the slovenly human inhabitants of that revolting domicile looked on as though nothing was the matter–as if they were puzzled by the fumigator’s astonishment and revulsion.

From the point of view of Nature, only two things were wrong with that scenario:

  1. The human occupants had not yet become ill enough to die from the putrid environment they were creating, and,
  2. The exterminator was destroying the solutions that Nature had sent in to clean up the mess:
    • the cockroaches,
    • the flies
    • the rodents.
    • bacteria
    • molds
    • viri
    • etc., all there dutifully cleaning up the revolting waste deposited by humans and their animals.

It is unlikely that you would tolerate that kind of environment where you live or work. But how about the environment of your body–the home of your consciousness?

  • Do you choose to eat and drink substances that your body is unable to adequately process, thereby leaving deposits of putrefying “garbage” in your digestive system and throughout your body?
  • Do you eat excessive amounts of acid-ash foods, thereby weakening and disabling the functions that balance and protect you?
  • Do you give preference to flavor over nutrition, thereby depriving your body of the building materials required to repair and restore the damage that has been done?
  • Do you respond to the infestations that your behavior has encouraged by consuming antibiotics, antacids, chemicals, medicines, undergoing radiation, surgeries and other things or treatments that imbalance the Natural processes of your body?

Even though the story that this article began with likely seems vile and disgusting to you, MOST PEOPLE have been creating a similar condition within their own body.

Because we are unable to see all the little invading creatures scurrying around in our bodies, we may not be as motivated to “clean up our act” as readily as when we see a moving wall of cockroaches. Nonetheless, the same advice is valid:

“Flies, etc. don’t cause the garbage. They are merely attracted to it as natures way of recycling it.”

“Pathogens don’t cause poor health. They are merely attracted to and supported by garbage-laden environments.

This is merely natures way of recycling the creatures, including humans, that, for whatever reason, are not part of a sustainable environment.

It does not matter to Nature if the reason is famine, a toxic environment, or self-imposed through food choices–where garbage begins to accumulate, Nature will begin sending in Natural solutions.

Nature is impersonal in this process. It is the responsibility of the individual to make choices and take the actions that result in excellent health.

The solutions are simple–if you choose to avoid being recycled for as long as possible:

  • Continually learn what foods and beverages support, rather than burden, your body. (This is the purpose of Simple Natural Health Tips.)
  • Choose to consume only those foods and beverages.
  • Stop ladening your body with garbage.
  • Think healthy.
  • Act healthy.
  • Be healthy

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