Chapter 4: Proper Food Combining

Chapter 4: Proper Food Combining

Proper food combining means eating foods that digest at about the same speed with the same stomach acid concentrations and enzymes. Proper food combining results in effective assimilation of nutrients and the proper passing of waste materials. Poor food combining results in nutrient-starvation, intestinal impaction and other unpleasant and unhealthy conditions like gas, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, constipation, diarrhea and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

When we eat foods with the wrong combinations, some parts—especially proteins—often remain undigested and fermenting in our guts. Fermenting foods in our intestines creates an acidic environment that supports harmful bacteria and yeasts to interfere with proper detoxification and elimination of waste.

Although “Mom” was doing the best for you that she knew how, that peanut-butter and jelly sandwich and glass of milk for lunch followed by the supper of meat, a dinner roll, mashed potatoes and gravy, peas and ice cream with strawberry topping for dessert were violent affronts on your digestive system. Worst of all, you were likely not allowed to leave the table until you finished it all—or at least “tried some of everything.”

Refer to the chart below to appreciate that bread (acid carbohydrate) should never be eaten with nuts, meats or cheese (protein) should never be eaten with jelly (fruit and refined sugar) should never be eaten with milk (protein). Even different types of fruit should not be eaten together.

Years ago I read about a research project which provided small children the opportunity to freely select whatever foods they wanted, completely unsupervised, from a wide array of foods that were spread out around them. The researchers were surprised to learn that (1) the children tended to eat monogamously—only one food or food type at a time, (2) over time they naturally ate what was considered to be a very balanced diet, and (3) they were not particularly attracted to candies and pastries, rather choosing fruits when they wanted sweets.

Isn’t it amazing how our natural knowing surpasses the “social knowledge” that is imposed on us by our parents, teachers, peers, etc.?

I highly suggest that you print out a copy of the Proper Food Combining chart and tape it to your refrigerator door (along with a copy of the Alkaline / Acid Foods chart) until you and everyone in your family know them by heart. You can download crisp, sharp PDF copies for free from

Food Combinations Chart

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