1. Foreword


Suddenly, unexpectedly recovering from a terminal disease in the last few days before certain death has a tendency to command one’s attention. This was certainly true for me.

Up to that point, I thought I knew all I needed to know about how to be healthy. Based on results, however, it became quite apparent that what I “knew” was either incomplete, or completely wrong. Almost “dead wrong!”

Fortunately for me, there are a few people in this world who understand the true nature of health, and what it takes to make a diseased body healthy again. One of these people is my good friend, Regan Golob.

As I lay dying, Regan happened to be passing near my home while on a business trip. Not knowing about my illness, he stopped in for a friendly visit. Once he realized how severely my health had deteriorated, he went out of visiting friend mode and into health-restoring doctor mode.

Relying only on the imparting of essential knowledge and recommendations for specific nutritional supplements to support my immune and endocrine system, he was able save my life in just one evening. In the three days following, I went from only being out of bed for infrequent 15-minute periods and not being able to sleep at all to being up working 14 hours, then sleeping soundly through the nights.

To my wife and me, it was an absolute miracle. To Regan, it was merely the anticipated result of applied knowledge.

Of course, you have heard the expression “Knowledge is POWER!” Nowhere is that expression more appropriate than in the area of natural health. All the money in the world, and the most powerful and prestigious position of authority become meaningless without good health. The knowledge to survive and thrive, therefore, is the most powerful of all knowledge.

The net result of this experience, for me, was to instill a passionate thirst to learn all I could about the true nature of health and what supports it. This report is a work-in-progress, being written to me, for me, by me to remind myself to apply what I am learning. It will also serve as a medium for sharing it with others.


Hopefully it will be obvious in the content that nothing herein is intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, mitigate or cure any disease. It is all presented for educational purposes only. No guarantees are made or implied about the accuracy of any information contained herein. If you are fortunate enough to know of a qualified health care professional, it would be wise to consult him or her before taking any action on the suggestions made in this book.

It is unlikely that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration has evaluated, or will ever evaluate the information contained in this book.

Also, don’t pour a cup of McDonalds coffee in your lap. It may be very hot, and doing so might scald you.

Okay, did I cover everything?

Bruce Wesley Chenoweth


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