Anti-acids and blockers: The worst betrayal of your body!

“Just one more slice of that delicious turkey breast.

It’s sooo good! Maybe two …

Pass the rolls, please. I love this cranberry jelly with those.

And the stuffing. Did you use French bread for that?”

Then, a short while later …

“Anyone have a Tums? Alka-Seltzer? I forgot my acid blockers …”

O! M! G!

Okay, so it is unlikely that anyone who is wise enough to care about Simple Natural Health Tips would still be unaware of the consequences of this behavior. I present it here simply as a reminder to check your stock of Bragg’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, should you accidentally over-eat in the next few days.

The worst betrayal of your body is to load your digestive system with an excessive amount of completely incompatible foods, each needing different chemistry to break them down, then taking away the only tool is has to digest anything at all — stomach acid — by neutralizing the already insufficient amount your overworked system was able to generate!


  • Honor proper food combining. Remember Dr. Golob’s advice: “There isn’t a little man in your stomach sorting it all out — it all gets mixed together in there.” Be certain that your body can determine which digestive chemistry to mix with each food.
  • The reason that anti-acids make you temporarily feel better is that they create such a digestive crisis that your body gets too busy attempting to resolve it to remind you of the mistakes you have made.
  • Rather than neutralizing your stomach chemistry, SUPPORT IT with organic apple cider vinegar to increase stomach acidity to the required level. A tablespoon or two diluted in clean water should provide the relief you need. Repeat as often as needed–the stuff is awesome for supporting your health!
  • Use of anti-acids and acid blockers is so dangerous to your health that one episode of “House” was dedicated to warning people about the potential deadly, irreversible  damage it can cause to your body.
  • Thanksgiving happens at least all day. The leftovers are usually available for several days. There is no need to force all those incompatible foods into your stomach all at the same time. Pace yourself!
  • If you don’t understand proper food combining, please download and study the  f r e e  Food Combining Chart at

Wishing you a happy and HEALTHY holiday!


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